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Midna had her kittens yesterdayy! Three health girls. Black/white, cream, and grey!



I could not snap a photo of the grey one…it was wiggling around too much…;;


This isn’t very much but tonight, waiting for my Sims to finish working in their gardens, I downloaded an app to keep me entertained while waiting an hour for them to finish. It is called KawaiiMEGU. At first I was reluctant to download it because it looked boring, but it’s very cute and entertaining.

A screenshot of KawaiiMEGU.

While it may seem boring, it’s really cute. You start out with an adorable little critter called Megu. You get to name it, of course. I named mine “Megami” which is Japanese for “Goddess”. No idea why I named him Megami. At the time I did not know it was a he. I must re name him when I come up with something nice. Basically all you have to do is take care of your Megu. You can visit other people’s Megu, pet their Megu, and leave them a gift. They are alerted of the visit and can return the favor if they wish. You can also race or sumo against stray cats that are apart of a gang that has been terrorizing the city, they are really fun as well. You can play ball or walk your cat or go on adventures. You can even decorate the area of living. This app is for the iPhone, I’m not sure if it is on any other phone, but I hope it is. Everyone should be able to enjoy the cuteness that is KawaiiMEGU.

Phew, that was long. That’s all I have for right now, I hope you enjoyed. ^^ Hope to hear your feedback.

The first addition to the collection and more

Hello! I purchased a Nendoroid Petit Sayaka Miki (School Uniform version) on the 21st and I received her on the 25th. If you know me on My Anime Shelf, you saw me post this on the 25th, I’m sorry for not posting it on WordPress too. It completely slipped my mind. How silly of me. @A@; She came all the way from California, a collector was getting rid of some of her collection. The person taped the box a LOT, and there was some paper in there to protect her. Sayaka was purchased for a mere 10 dollars which is a pretty good deal in my book, not to mention that Sayaka is my first ‘major’ figurine. She’s currently right next to my volume controller/subwoofer controller thingamagig, being all cute. Kyubey, the small little figurine that came with her, is listening in on Rarity and Roseluck’s conversation. Bad Kyubey!

“Hi everyone!”

“Woah, a pony!”

“Is this some kind of farm??”

New pet and a new friend

Recently, a cat has been coming around. She’s a stray and hangs out here often, and appears to be pregnant. She’s really friendly, but gets a bit mad when my outdoors cat, Hugo, comes around. Thus, I’ve named her Midna, after a character from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


Midna, enjoying some mid-day petting.

On the 17th I ordered a stuffed animal for my future Taeyang Raiki from DreamsInAmigurumi on etsy. Today, I received it. It was very fast shipping, I’m pretty amazed. The doll is high quality material and very cute.