Notes to self

Currently saving for: Bunch of clothes from Hegemony77 – Vest and stockings from Alois Trancy set, Necklace (B),  Hand-knitted custom sweater

Next to save for: Misc things from – Macaroon Chair, Mystic Unicorn, Red Wine, Magnet Violin, Mini Blossoms Sake Set

Doll I’m currently planning on buying: Taeyang Raiki

Dolls I will buy one day:

Byul – Matulite

Dal – Angelic Pretty Joujou, Black Butler ‘Robin’ Ciel, Kaname Madoka

LD – Nadeshiko

Isul – Hamilton

Pullip – Akemi Homura, Alice Du Jardin, Vocaloid Hatsune, Tomoe Mami

Taeyang – Jade, Lunatic White Rabbit, ‘Private Teacher’ Sebastian

Estimated total: $1,764 US dollars


2 thoughts on “Notes to self

  1. Emma Freed says:

    ooh i really want dal jou jou as well

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