The first addition to the collection and more

Hello! I purchased a Nendoroid Petit Sayaka Miki (School Uniform version) on the 21st and I received her on the 25th. If you know me on My Anime Shelf, you saw me post this on the 25th, I’m sorry for not posting it on WordPress too. It completely slipped my mind. How silly of me. @A@; She came all the way from California, a collector was getting rid of some of her collection. The person taped the box a LOT, and there was some paper in there to protect her. Sayaka was purchased for a mere 10 dollars which is a pretty good deal in my book, not to mention that Sayaka is my first ‘major’ figurine. She’s currently right next to my volume controller/subwoofer controller thingamagig, being all cute. Kyubey, the small little figurine that came with her, is listening in on Rarity and Roseluck’s conversation. Bad Kyubey!

“Hi everyone!”

“Woah, a pony!”

“Is this some kind of farm??”


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