Lately I’ve been really sleepy, and I do mean REALLY sleepy. Been a war to try and keep myself awake since I hate to just lay around and sleep. But, I’ve finally managed to take those pictures I promised you guys a few days ago. Not all are in the pictures, was far too sleepy to go around and try and find the others that are of my porcelain hoard. Please forgive the low quality of these, they were taken on an iPhone and my hands are shaky.

A group picture of the few Porcelains I managed to find.

Three of the hoard members are pictured here. I do believe the one in the mauve colored dress is my favorite. A deceased family member had gifted her to me at a young age.

I think half of my porcelain hoard are based on the Victorian era.

Every so often I’ll be looking for other hoard members, I’ll update you when I find another one. That’s it for now, though. I hope you enjoyed. Toodles!



So sick lately, been feeling absolutely miserable. Can’t wait to be able to buy these three cute little things on etsy for my future Raiki – you’ll see the items I’m talking about when they arrive! And so..I start my doll journey. No turning back, no excuses, I will have my first three things for my future doll soon I believe. Just have to wait a few more days where I can buy them. Once I get these, it’s a done deal. I will be officially ‘dolling up’. In the mean time, it’s time to revisit my precious porcelain dolls that haven’t been getting much attention as of late. I’ll have to drag out the ol camera tomorrow. But for now, sayonara, lovelies.


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I was hoping to purchase some things for this and start saving for my first Taeyang, but this month I’m afraid I have some important payments I need to focus on. I will, hopefully, be purchasing the things I need for this in April, or late March. Please remain patient. In the mean time, why not check out Dan_Dal_Doll’s Blog or Doll’s Eye View? Both are very nice blogs featuring dolls.

Notes to self

Currently saving for: Bunch of clothes from Hegemony77 – Vest and stockings from Alois Trancy set, Necklace (B),  Hand-knitted custom sweater

Next to save for: Misc things from – Macaroon Chair, Mystic Unicorn, Red Wine, Magnet Violin, Mini Blossoms Sake Set

Doll I’m currently planning on buying: Taeyang Raiki

Dolls I will buy one day:

Byul – Matulite

Dal – Angelic Pretty Joujou, Black Butler ‘Robin’ Ciel, Kaname Madoka

LD – Nadeshiko

Isul – Hamilton

Pullip – Akemi Homura, Alice Du Jardin, Vocaloid Hatsune, Tomoe Mami

Taeyang – Jade, Lunatic White Rabbit, ‘Private Teacher’ Sebastian

Estimated total: $1,764 US dollars


Hello everyone, I’m the owner of Diamond Doll House, Delpha. Diamond Doll House is currently under construction and possibly won’t have any relevant posts until I buy this beautiful lil guy, (Taeyang Raiki for those who don’t want to go off-site). I do have several porcelain dolls at the moment but I’d like if Diamond Doll House was a fashion doll blog – featuring Blythes, Pullips, Momokos, and the like. I hope you all enjoy what’s to come.